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TM-150-3 (ITC-3) Traffic Controller

2017 has seen the Motus TM-150-2 undertake a significant hardware upgrade moving to the ITC-3 platform as the TM-150-3. Motus worked extensively with Swarco Technology APs to redesign the hardware, firmware and software packages for the ITC-3.

The core 19" rack is now a 24 phase unit (5U rack) with the option for a second rack to take the number of phases to 48. A small 11" rack mount version is available that can be programmed with up to 6 phases.

Whatever the number of phases, the ITC-3 offers up to 128 digital inputs, 128 digital outputs, with a further 16/40/80 digital inputs or 8/20/40 integrated speed assessors available on the 6/24/48 rack options.

The ITC-3 has two independent dedicated safety CPUs controlling the signal relays. The monitoring undertaken by these CPU includes signal conflicts, mains voltage, mains voltage dip, mains frequency, plan cycles, signal timings, and lamp monitoring parameters.

The main CPU is a reliable Linux based architecture with Ethernet interface for configuration upload and administration of installed packages.

The controller has a resistive touchscreen display that offers a wealth of useful information about the configured controller. A new configuration management facility has been developed which allows for snapshots of the current configuration data to be saved in one of four repositories. The originally uploaded, current and repository configurations can be downloaded to USB quickly and easily, and can also be uploaded by USB.

Product Features

  • Developed with Swarco and based on ITC-3 hardware
  • Integrated touchscreen – full manual panel, status monitoring, log access and more
  • New and improved Web Interface
  • 8 streams with 16 stages each
  • Motus Cloud, UTMC 2.0 and RMU interfaces built-in
  • Ethernet, GSM, modem and terminal/telnet access
  • New and improved lamp monitoring
  • New and improved handset interface via 25-pin port
  • Phase Drivers can run LV or ELV – just change the lamp supply
  • New and improved configuration package with simulator
  • Traffic control configurations stored in flash memory
  • Optional serial connection for UK detector packs
  • UTC bus priority and standard priority built-in
  • Compatible with MOVA, UTMC and Bus Priority units
  • Internal Traffic Count facility available
  • Aluminium and 304 Grade Stainless Steel Cases, colours Black or Grey, other colours available to order
  • TOPAS Approved as Swarco ITC-3

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