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Motus Morph Outstation

Powerful, flexible and high performance outstation platform for use in a wide range of traffic applications. Utilising the latest ARM processor technology this compact unit is capable of providing the interface to traffic signal controllers for a variety of outstation applications such as MOVA, UTC and Remote Monitoring.

Available as both a free-standing or serial linked version the outstation can interface with any traffic signal controller. Connection to the Motus TM-150-2 traffic signal controller can be made via serial link removing the need for input/output expansion cards and speeding up the installation process. As a free-standing version for third party controllers the outstation supports up to 6 input/output cards each supporting 32 inputs and 16 outputs.


Implementing the latest MOVA 8 Kernel, the Motus outstation supports up to four 4 MOVA streams. Setup and commissioning is via a 'web-based' user interface allowing easy access to all features. Multiple MOVA commissioning streams can also be displayed simultaneously. Support for the latest TRL MOVA Tools 3 functionality.


Implements the latest UG405 protocol allowing connection to any UTMC compliant UTC/SCOOT system. The UG405 protocol allows a wide range of communication solutions to be used.

Remote Monitoring

Following on from the success of the Motus Remote Monitoring System (Motus RMS) which is integral on all TM-150-2 traffic signal controllers, the new Motus Cloud service brings with it the possibility to connect Motus Morph as well as TM-150-2 controllers to the system

Motus Cloud will soon enable the Motus outstation to act as a free-standing platform allowing connection to any third party controller.

Product Features

  • Implements the latest MOVA 7 Kernel with support for up to 4 MOVA streams
  • Comprehensive Web Interface allowing easy access to all Outstation features
  • Implements the latest UTMC/UG405 protocol
  • Real time clock - synchronised from the Instation or other Network Time Protocol server
  • Free=standing platform for the Motus RMS and Motus Cloud
  • Available in Serial or free-standing versions
  • Supports 192 inputs and 96 outputs
  • Supports a variety of serial interfaces including Telnet
  • Simple browser based configuration utility with licence manager


  • Powerful ARM9 processor running embedded Linux
  • Motus System Bus for automatic recognition of peripheral cards means No Addressing - fully "Plug and Play"
  • Supports up to six input/output cards each with 32 inputs and 16 outputs.
  • Configuration settings stored in non-volatile memory
  • Automatic re-start without user intervention following power failure
  • Battery Back-up for Power Supply with seamless transfer, allowing for notification and safe shut down.
  • Supports a number of interface protocols:
    • Two Independent Ethernet Ports
    • RS232 Serial
    • RS485 Serial
    • USB 2.0
    • Telnet compatible
    • UTMC/UG405
    • MOVA Comm © compatible
  • Optional Alphanumeric Liquid Crystal Display
  • All engineering connectors on one simple to replace board for ease of maintenance

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