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Motus J5 Pedestrian and Stop-line Detector

All Motus J5 products utilise a full stereo vision system with market leading shadow rejection. Using specially developed software algorithms each product type has built-in capability to reject background clutter minimising false detections. Real time stereo vision allows J5 to detect objects in the sensor field of view while ignoring confusing artefacts, such as shadows, reflections, water, snow or debris on the ground. The Motus J5 has unparalleled detection accuracy and minimal false alarm rates. Multiple detection zones supported, that do not have to overlap.

The Motus J5 Kerbside model approved to TR2507A, detects pedestrians within the detection zone. The use of the stereo vision system ensures calls are cancelled effectively should the pedestrian move out of the detection zone.

The Motus J5 On-Crossing model approved to TR2506A, detects pedestrians within the detection zone whilst on the crossing. Detection can be either Bi-directional or uni-directional.

The Motus J5 Vehicle Stop-line model approved to TR2505A appendix E, detects the presence of stationary vehicles in a specified zone. The sensor detects the presence of vehicles for up to three lanes of traffic in the chosen direction.

The simple configuration wizard, programs the sensor via a Windows PC running Windows XP or later. The Wizard allows the user to configure the J5, update firmware, and view detection status and operation logs. User-friendly menus define site specific detection information, such as the detection zone and the direction of movement required to activate the output. An extensive web based help tool is available inside the wizard.

Real-time video available through network streaming.

The screen shot on the left shows a typical kerbside configuration, using two detection zones to monitor the whole of the pedestrian waiting area. The green boxes bound the detection zones whilst the red arrows indicate the direction of movement that will be accepted as a real detection, in this case, all directions are considered.

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