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Motus Push Button Unit

The Motus Pedestrian Push Button Unit is of two part aluminium construction consisting of a body and a hinged lid. The body is powder coated yellow and the lid finished in powder coated black. The yellow body houses the cable terminations, the Edison Screw wait lamp and the audible and tactile units where appropriate. Mounted on the lid are the polycarbonate wait legend and the anti-vandal push button.

Anti-Vandal Design

Unfortunately, during normal use, push button units are often subject to acts of vandalism, which can adversely affect the operation of the signals. In an attempt to minimise the effects of such acts the Push Button Unit has an anti-vandal micro switch fitted as standard to prevent jamming of the button, commonly by vandals inserting foreign objects between the button and the sides. A full size mild steel plate secured by seven screws is used to retain the polycarbonate wait legend in place. Historically this is has been pushed through by vandals attempting to smash the legend, breaking the wait lamp behind and allowing the ingress of moisture and possibly causing the signals to fail. Made of a robust all aluminium construction, the unit is secured to the pole by a ā€˜Uā€™ bolt and locking nuts to withstand vibration and sustained attacks of vandalism.

Product Features

  • Aluminium Case
  • Anti-vandal
  • Polycarbonate Legend
  • Steel Legend Plate
  • Edison Screw Lamp Holder
  • Space for Audbile and Tactile

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