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Motus Remote Monitoring System

The Motus Traffic Remote Monitoring System (Motus RMS) has been developed as an extension to the Motus TM-150-2 Controller Remote Web Interface. The Linux based platform in the controller CPU allowed for the creation of Ethernet and USB Modem interfaces to access web pages for quick analysis of the health of the controller, and the state of the intersection it is operating.

Having this connectivity on the controllers it made sense for Motus to create a web site to act as a portal to all the controllers on a user's network. A key part of this strategy was to ensure that users could log into the website without any special equipment, just a smart phone, PDA, Laptop or Computer running a web browser.

Key benefits:

  • User friendly "desktop" with Google™ maps for the users network
  • Quick overview of all controllers in the users network
  • Simple set-up for controller alerts and monitoring
  • Virtual Server for efficient back-up and disaster recovery

The Motus RMS gives the user two main views. A map view from Google™, with icons at the locations of all controllers in the network which change colour and shape according to controllers status. The icon can be clicked to access that controller’s remote web pages. Secondly a list view is provided where controllers with faults rise to the top of the list. The controllers can be configured to send an email, text message, or both depending on the nature of the fault to a selection of contacts.

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