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TM-150-2 Traffic Controller

The TM-150-2 Traffic Controller is a modern, flexible, and high performance traffic controller, which meets the requirements of TR2500. The TM-150-2 is available in both ELV (48V) or LV (230V) versions.

The core rack is available as a 16 phase (5U rack) or 32 phase (8U rack) version. The 16 phase version is available in a cabinet wired for 4, 8 or 16 phases as requested by our customers.

Whatever the number of phases, the TM-150-2 offers up to 128 digital inputs, 128 digital outputs, with a further 32 digital inputs available on the 16 phase rack and further 64 digital inputs available on the 32 phase rack.

The 16 phase rack can have up to 16 integrated speed assessors whilst the 32 phase rack offers up to 24.

All Motus Traffic controllers are equipped with a dedicated safety CPU controlling the signal relays. The monitoring undertaken by this CPU includes signal conflicts, mains voltage, mains voltage dip, mains frequency, plan cycles, signal timings, and lamp monitoring parameters.

The main CPU is a reliable Linux based architecture with Ethernet interface for configuration upload and administration of installed packages.

Product Features

  • Front panel display removing the need for a terminal device to access the controller configuration parameters
  • Powered 25-pin D-type terminal port for legacy terminal interface and Remote Monitoring applications
  • Comprehensive fault log accessible from the display panel
  • Flash memory configuration storage allowing for minor changes (including special conditioning) to be made whilst the signals are on.
  • Ethernet interface for static or DHCP IP integration into your existing network or the Motus RMS or Cloud
  • Optional Built in GSM modem for remote monitoring connection to the Motus RMS or Cloud
  • Built in UTMC-2 interface for direct connection to modern UTC systems
  • Compatible with legacy UTC/MOVA units via free-standing interface
  • Sophisticated configuration package complete with a PC based debugger and emulator

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