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Ultra Traffic Signal

The Ultra Traffic Signal is a modular, polycarbonate traffic signal housing. Whilst unobtrusive in its surroundings, it offers clear and unmistakable signalisation.

The Ultra Traffic Signal is available as LV halogen, and LV or ELV LED. The modular construction of the Ultra, can easily be configured for all the common aspect assembly options. The Ultra Traffic Signal accommodates a wide range of flexible yet robust hoods, including primary, secondary, pedestrian, tunnel, cutaway, and louvre. Backing boards are available in white, retro-reflective, and the yellow Ramp Metering options. The Ultra Traffic Signal body is used in London for the new pedestrian countdown timers now being retrofitted to most pedestrian crossings.

A wide variety of 200 or 300 mm LED optics can be supplied with both central light source and array options available. Motus can offer LEDs with integrated lamp monitoring compensation for direct retrofit to legacy halogen sites, without the need for a controller configuration update. For standard low power LEDs, Motus Traffic's patented Load Compensation Unit can provide lamp monitoring, as well as advanced red lamp monitoring.

Product Features

  • Modular polycarbonate construction
  • Tungsten halogen and LED illumination options
  • Maintenance friendly, with easy lamp change
  • Gravity lock hinges
  • A variety of aspect assembly options
  • Removable doors available with 200 or 300 mm aspect sizes
  • Flexible options for box signs and other requirements

LED Version Features

  • 5 Year Return to base warranty
  • Advanced LED technology offers optimum performance with low energy costs
  • Option integrated or discrete Load Compensation Units
  • Specially designed lenses offer the highest protection against possible damage from traffic flow and vandalism

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